Emelie Maxdotter

Graphic Designer and Illustrator, based in Stockholm.


1/8 Var är min andra hälft?

Screen 2017

A humorous questioning of the phrase "My Better Half". When looking for love, we often describe it as the search for feeling whole. But does it mean that we see ourselves as half a person?

Winner of Screen 2017.

2/8 OEI


Illustrations on cover for OEI issue no. 88–89. Editorial design all done by Asso.

Photo by Tilda Ragnartz

3/8 What's Next?

Beckmans Graduation Show 2019

The official identity for the graduation exhibition at Beckmans College of Design 2019. The design concept is based on the common question that all graduating students gets: “What happens after graduation?” or “What’s next?”.

In collaboration with Agnes Vannerus Lindblom, Mikaela Källgren and Johanna Lundberg.

Film Photography by Elisabeth Lindén.

Title: Custom made typeface.
Body text: Surt Regular Ext. By Blaze Type.

4/8 Tallrikskompassen

Transformation 2018

Overfishing is threatening the sensitive ecosystem of the ocean. These ceramic plates remind us as consumers to ask the right questions. In order to save the oceans we have to make an active choice in what we eat. The project was based on the Beijer Institute's research on sustainable oceans and seafood production.

Exhibited at Svenskt Tenn in January 2018, Stockholm.

Svenskt Tenn, 2018.

Form, 2018.

5/8 Strong Women

Exam Project 2019

What does it mean to be a ”strong woman”?
Which women do we describe as “strong women”?

With a visual expression of strength this project presents an interpretation of the concept as an alternative to the dominant view. This has resulted in an interactive puzzle that encourages reflection as to what we mean by being strong.

Photo by Agnes Vannerus Lindblom.

6/8 Patch

Konst Reklam Konst 2017

Professional female athletes are less likely to get sponsored than their male counterparts. To show support for all female fighters I created a huge silky patch, inspired by the patches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters sew onto their apparel, when they are sponsored.

Exhibited at Konstnärshuset in November 2017, Stockholm.

7/8 Apollo


Illustrations for Apollo travel agency.

8/8 Hemligt

Banditsagor 2018

Poster design and illustrations for Banditsagor.

Banditsagor is a touring theater group based in Malmö. Their play Hemligt (Secret) is based on the diary and will be performed in the classrooms of secondary schools. Together with the audience the play approaches our most private thoughts and how secrets can affect a group and its social structures.

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